Announcing My «A DECADE a Nomad» Summer Book Tour

Last month, I announced the release of my next book, A DECADE a Nomad: A Traveler’s Journey Home.

It’s about how exactly I became a traveler, my entire life as a backpacker, all of the lessons I learned, and what those lessons mean for travelers. It features stories I’ve never told and goes deeper into my philosophy on travel than I ever have upon this blog.

This book follows the “emotional” journey of a vacation all over the world: obtaining the bug, the planning, leaving, the highs, the lows, the friends, what goes on when you keep coming back — and the lessons and advice that include all that.

And the first reviews have been very good!

“In his heartfelt explanation and exploration, Matt runs through just why he’s been out there, backpacking the world for a decade. By the finish we’ve definitely realized, like Matt, how important travel is and how escaping . there, on the highway, could make you, me and the world an improved place. It’s an excellent pity certain people towards the top of the world’s power pyramid never really had slightly taste of the nomadic experience.” — Tony Wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet

“Throughout his ruminations on what travel affected him, Kepnes interweaves his tales of friends, girlfriends, and great loves discovered among exotic backdrops and how starting a blog ( about his adventures altered just how he traveled. His story is among heartbreak, self-discovery, and the constant travel itch he previously to scratch to be remembered as the person he was said to be. An entertaining, quick read by a guy who did what most of us only dream of.” — Kirkus Book Reviews

The book comes out July 16th and I’ll be performing a book tour over the USA and Canada during the period of the summertime!

If you wish to become listed on the book tour, listed below are our dates:

A DECADE a Nomad Book Tour

July 16 NY, NY: The Strand Bookstore @ 7pm EVENT DETAILS
July 17 Boston, MA: The Harvard Coop @ 7pm EVENT DETAILS
July 18 Philadelphia, PA: Penn Book Center @ 6:30pm EVENT DETAILS
July 22 Washington DC: Politics and Prose at the Wharf @ 7pm EVENT DETAILS
July 23 Miami, FL: Books & Books @ 8pm EVENT DETAILS
July 24 Tampa, FL: Oxford Exchange @ 6:30pm EVENT DETAILS
July 30 Detroit, MI: Pages Bookshop @ 6:00pm EVENT DETAILS
July 31 Chicago, IL: City Lit Books @ 6:30pm EVENT DETAILS
August 1 Dallas, TX: Half Price Books (Flagship) @ 7:00pm EVENT DETAILS
August 5 Austin, TX: Book People @ 7pm EVENT DETAILS
August 6 Houston, TX: Brazos Bookstore @ 6:30pm EVENT DETAILS
August 7 Denver, CO: Tattered Cover — Historic Lodo @ 7pm EVENT DETAILS
August 8 NORTH PARK, CA: Warwick’s @ 7:30pm EVENT DETAILS
August 12 LA, CA: The Last Bookstore @ 7:30pm EVENT DETAILS
August 14 Portland, OR: Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing @ 7:00pm EVENT DETAILS
August 15 SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CA: Book Passage at Corte Madera @ 7pm EVENT DETAILS
August 16 Seattle, WA: Third Place Books @ 6pm EVENT DETAILS
August 19 Vancouver, BC: Indigo (Robson) @ 7:00pm EVENT DETAILS
August 26 Toronto, ON: Indigo (Bay-Bloor) @ 7:00pm EVENT DETAILS
August 31 Montreal, QC: Indigo (Place Montreal) @ 1:00pm EVENT DETAILS
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Announcing My «A DECADE a Nomad» Summer Book Tour