Don’t Pay attention to THOSE THAT Say Family Travel isn’t Possible

Last month, I announced I’d be featuring monthly columnists upon this website. I’ve introduced two up to now, and today it’s time to introduce our final one! On the 3rd Friday of each month, Cameron Wears from Traveling Canucks will be here giving advice on how best to travel better together with your kids. I know that is a much-requested topic for most of you, so I’m excited to have him on the team! His column starts this month.

“Get your traveling in now, because you won’t have the ability to do it when you have kids.”

I heard this statement often while we were backpacking all over the world. And, sadly, the more I heard these words, the more I began to believe them.

Travel has always played a significant role inside our lives, therefore the considered giving it up to improve a family appeared like a crappy deal to us. But having kids was also a big part of “the program” we made whenever we got married in Mexico in January 2008, so we resigned ourselves to the theory that family and travel don’t mix.

After our first boy was created in 2011, we requested his passport and booked a vacation to California (we reside in Vancouver, British Columbia). We wished to prove that the theory we’d internalized was wrong and our days of travel didn’t need to stop. We opt for destination near home, closed our eyes, and wished for the best. Having a youngster couldn’t really be the finish, could it? We didn’t think so and refused to hear those all around us.

And we’re glad we didn’t. We realized on that trip that individuals were wrong.

I’d be lying easily said traveling with a baby is simple. It’s not. Nonetheless it wasn’t as daunting as we thought it will be.

Sure, bringing a stroller and an automobile seat is a pain in the ass, but every trip we take together becomes easier and easier. Flights aren’t that bad, provided you come prepared, and sharing accommodations is in fact quite nice. Surprisingly, kids have become proficient at adapting to new environments (often much better than adults).

Now each and every time we return from a vacation, I’m reminded of this opening statement: “Get your traveling in now, because you won’t have the ability to after you have kids.”

And each and every time I believe of these who warned us of this, I remember precisely how wrong they are.

It’s true, you won’t have the ability to travel how you did before kids, but that doesn’t mean you must exchange travel for family, and vice versa. That you can do both, nevertheless, you must change your expectations and accept that your travels changes.

We’ve often heard newbie parents say, “We’re just likely to wait until our children are older before we travel again.” There’s nothing at all wrong with that plan…unless, of course, you truly want to keep traveling. There’s always a justification to place life on hold, kids or no kids, but rarely do people regret pushing their safe place to pursue their passions and achieve their goals.

In most cases, there appears to be a whole lot of fear and confusion with regards to traveling with babies and small children. It’s readable blogs about family travelers and think, “That might be great but…” You can always look for a reason their situation wouldn’t connect with you. And when no-one around you “gets it” or did it, it’s easy to believe perhaps you shouldn’t either.

But we’re here to improve that. Inside our monthly column, we’ll be sharing guidelines we’ve learned firsthand whilst travelling with this toddler and infant — practical travel tips, advice for when situations fail, stories from our travel, plus much more.

Assuming you have a particular question about baby/family travel, please share it in the comments section below. I’ll be checking in periodically and would like to know what’s most interesting for you.

Traveling with this little boys has forced us to decelerate and appreciate each travel experience we’ve together. Seeing the world through their curious eyes has given us many of the most rewarding moments we’ve ever endured, and you want to use our eight years of travel experience to greatly help new families hit the street!

Cameron Wears is half of the duo behind the award-winning Canadian travel blog Having traveled to over 65 countries and territories on six continents during the past eight years, he now lives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, along with his wife Nicole and their two young boys. You can follow their family travel adventures on Googl

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Don’t Pay attention to THOSE THAT Say Family Travel isn’t Possible