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Maybe it had been the traffic. Maybe the smog. Maybe it had been the apparent vanity of everybody I met. Or the hippie-dippie life-style (I’ve seen folks pick meals with a crystals). I know it had been definitely in part having less public transportation.

While I possibly could hardly ever really put my finger onto it, there is just something about LA that just always rubbed me the wrong manner.

I’d visit friends or attend conferences and, while I enjoyed that fun, I hated the town itself.

Whenever I had to go visit, I’d consider to myself “Ugh, another visit to L.A.!”

I simply never got the town.

After every visit, I usually felt that easily never returned, I wouldn’t be missing anything.

Heck, I even wrote a post about my disdain for LA!

And 1 day while I was visiting, I woke up and I must say i liked — nay, LOVED — LA.

I don’t know when it just happened.

I can’t pinpoint one precise moment or event.

In the end, my routine in LA is definitely the same: visit a few attractions, drink and eat lots, meet up with friends, maybe check out the beach, some just work at WeWork, and host a meet-up.

But, 1 day, I simply woke up, looked around, and said, “Ya know, I like it here. I believe I’ll extend my stay a bit longer.”

The more I visited, the more interesting places I came across or was taken up to, the more offbeat sights I saw, and the more I got eventually to know the town. I learned its history. I learned the way to get around, when to brave the traffic so when not to. I came across markets and hole-in-the-wall taquerias and noodle shops. I had way too many martinis at the historic Musso & Frank’s.

And, when I was there the other day, it hit me.

I realized I hated LA for the same reason I originally hated Bangkok.

And today love LA for the same reasons I fell deeply in love with Bangkok.

LA isn’t built for tourists.

Yes, tourists go there. Yes, there are a great number of touristy things you can do there.

But it’s nothing like Hong Kong, Paris, Buenos Aires, London, Sydney, or other areas where you can decrease more information on attractions, drink in the culture, bypass easily, and get yourself a feel for the town in a brief period of time.

No, the sprawling nature of LA, the traffic and cost to getting around, having less a city center, and the transient nature of its inhabitants helps it be a bad “tourist” city.

To access know LA, you will need to live there. Exactly like Bangkok.

Like Bangkok, L.A. is requires you to remain awhile. It’s an onion with layers it is advisable to peel back as time passes.

L.A. is situated in the restaurants, markets, ethnic enclaves, offbeat bars, and coffee shops. It really is entirely on hiking trails and beaches. In art and music shows.

It’s within the vibe and the people, not in the sights.

I begun to love Bangkok when I acquired know it beyond the temples and the tourist trail. When I came across hidden markets and amazing street stalls frequented only by locals, became friends with residents, and understood how it operated, I knew why people loved Bangkok so much.

Bangkok isn’t a city for tourists.

It’s for residents.

Exactly like LA.

When I realized that, I stopped looking at LA through the lens of a tourist. When I begun to look at through the eyes of the individuals who lived there, suddenly the town becomes alive with things you can do, coffeeshops to sit in, and places to explore.

As it happens L.A. can be an awesome city in the event that you know where you can look.

I simply never knew where you can look before.

Book Your Visit to LA: Logistical Guidelines

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  • Banana Bungalow — A social hostel in Hollywood with an excellent outdoor courtyard area (and regular BBQs!).

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Changing My Tune: How I Learned to Love L.A. | Nomadic Matt