Czech Republic Travel Guide: What things to See, Do, Costs, & Methods to Save

Nestled in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is a country steeped ever sold. It’s been populated for a large number of years and is a land dotted with castles, medieval towns, beautiful mountains, ancient ruins, and world-class wineries. The united states sees increasingly more tourists every year but they mostly adhere to Prague. Once you escape that beautiful (but crowded) city you’ll find a cheap country with a few of the most beautiful and rugged landscape in this part of Europe. I really like taking the train from spot to place and just staring out the window. In the event that you visit, you’ll oftimes be arriving at Prague but make sure to leave the town and start to see the rest of what the united states provides! It’s all too often overlooked!

Czech Republic

Top 5 What to See and Do in Czech Republic

1. Czech out Prague

Wind through the medieval streets, climb the hill to go to Prague Castle, gaze up at the Astronomical Clock, and incomparable an eccentric nightlife that’s unparalleled. Prague is a city that lives up to all or any the hype and can leave you spellbound. Spend a supplementary day or two here. You will need more time than you imagine.

2. See Ceský Krumlov

Situated on the Vltava River, this town is a smaller, more picturesque version of Prague. The medieval architecture and red-roofed buildings lead to beautiful pictures and an informal stroll through the streets is an excellent way to decelerate throughout a whirlwind trip.

3. The miracles of water in Moravian Wine Region

Although you may only think about beer when you check out the Czech Republic, the Moravian Region is in fact very well-known for their wine. It’s an excellent experience to operate a vehicle, bike or wander through the vineyards here. Many tours offer options for tastings while visiting the region. Prices will vary predicated on whether you go to a single vineyard or many, and whether you organize the tour yourself or hire helpful information.

4. Visit Kutná Hora

This historical town houses the famous St. Barbara Cathedral that’s adorned with a large number of human bones. While perhaps a bit creepy, it’s really something you should see for yourself. Admission is 60 CZK for adults and 40 CZK for students.

5. Hike the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks

Hike around these natural sandstone cloisters. With names like ‘Giant’s Armchair’ and ‘Sugar Cone,’ you can’t fail. There are two clusters of formations: Adršpach Rock Town and Teplice Rock Town. A train here from Prague costs around 275 CZK and takes slightly below 3 hours.


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1. Try some pilsner in Pilsen

You guessed it: Pilsen may be the birthplace of the Pilsner and the house of the initial Pilsner Urquell Czech beer. Heading here makes an excellent excursion from Prague via bus or train. Throughout your visit, ensure that you not merely tour the Pilsner factory but also browse the beer spas where you soak in a tub of beer. Be prepared to pay around 800 CZK for a soak in the beer tub.

2. Tour Karlstein Castle

Everyone really wants to have their particular fairytale, which castle is a good stop throughout your tour of the united states, only a quick train ride from Prague. Admission is 270 CZK for adults, with discounts designed for students, seniors, and families.

3. Adventure outdoors in Krkonoše

Summer or winter, a vacation to Krkonoše is crucial. This beautiful mountain range, which runs along the Czech-Polish border, may be the highest peak in the united states. There is excellent hiking and cycling through the summer and skiing through the winter.

4. Check out Telc

Telc, using its winding cobblestone streets, is probably the most picture-perfect types of a Renaissance town in Europe. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After a fire in 1530, the city was rebuilt, so medieval arcades with their gabled houses surround the picturesque town square.

5. Visit quaint Olomouc

Olomouc is a little university town noted because of its parks, churches, sculptures, and fountains. The Holy Trinity Column and grand astronomical clock are UNESCO sites.

6. Relax at the Karlovy Vary spa

Karlovy Vary is a soothing spa that provides hot mineral springs, fine baroque and Gothic architecture, forest walks and a lively cultural scene. Gleam castle at nearby Loket, overlooking the River Ohre.

7. Benefit from the Šumava National Park

Pack your trekking gear and check out Šumava, the country’s largest national park. This is a region filled with densely forested hills along the border with Austria. Feast your eyes on the scenic lakes, trout streams, regions of virgin forest, and important historic monuments. Admission to the park is free.

8. Go to a nuclear bunker

Located 5 stories under Prague, this museum is filled with Cold War paraphernalia. The bunker was made to house civilians throughout a nuclear attack, and they might then flee in to the countryside. Tours last a couple hours and cost 600 CZK for adults (500 CZK for students).

9. Start to see the Spanish Synagogue

The exterior of this building might not be anything special, however the inside is incredibly ornate. Admission 330 CZK for adults, and includes entry right into a few other synagogues, aswell.

10. Go rafting

Just 20 minutes from Prague is a white water rafting course touted as the best hangover blaster. Spend a day on the water battling the waves, accompanied by a barbecue lunch and a soak in a spa. Not really a bad way to invest a day! Prices vary but be prepared to pay around 1,600 CZK per person.

11. Explore Macocha Gorge

Located near Brno, this sinkhole can be an impressive 138m deep. It’s a favorite tourist site in the region, ideal for both casual visitors and the ones who have more complex technical caving experience. The nearby Punka caves could be explored from April-September, with admission costing 180 CZK for adults.

12. Go to the Austerlitz Battlefield

The Battle of Austerlitz was just about the most decisive battles of the Napoleonic Wars and is widely regarded as among Napoleon’s greatest victories. It had been here where he crushed the combined forces of Russia and the Holy Roman Empire, which resulted in the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire. Periodically there are reenactments held here, ideal for the annals buff!

13. Bohemian Switzerland National Park

This national park is a landscape filled with pine forests and deep valleys, majestic rock towers, ravines, and labyrinths. There are numerous nature trails lead in to the surrounding gorges. For hiking, probably the most popular nature trails may be the Gabriel Trail.

14. Go to the Terezin Concentration Camp

Terezín was built by Josef II and was said to be used for defense but became a prison, and, later during World War Two, a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp. You may also visit the monument focused on the victims of the Holocaust. Tickets start at 180 CZK.

15. Visit Vila Tugendhat

The Villa of Greta and Fritz Tugendhat was built between 1929-1930 and is because of its modern architecture. Between 2010 and 2012, the villa and the adjoining gardens were restored with their original appearance. The interiors have already been built with exact replicas of the initial furnishings. It’s open from 10am-6pm Tuesday-Sunday. Admission is 300 CZK.

Typical Costs

Accommodation — Charges for hostel dorm beds will change depending on what your location is in the united states, starting at 175 CZK in small towns, and getting as high as 400 CZK in Prague. Free WiFi is standard, & most hostels likewise have a kitchen that you can cook your own food. A twin or double bed in a budget hotel begins around 500-700 CZK per night, usually including free WiFi (prices will change depending on what your location is, with prices in Prague being the best). Be prepared to pay nearer to 900 CZK per night for a budget hotel that provides free breakfast. Airbnb are available in the major cities and towns, although the greater part of properties can be found in Prague. If you’re looking for shared accommodation, prices start around 450 CZK per night. For a whole home or apartment, be prepared to pay nearer to 1,500 CZK per night. For all those traveling with a tent, there are campgrounds scattered all through the entire country. For a simple plot, be prepared to pay up to 200 CZK per night. My suggested places are:

  • Sophie’s Hostel, The MadHouse (Prague)

Food — Czech cuisine is nothing fancy, nonetheless it is delicious. Give me a bowl of goulash bread dumplings and gravy, and I’m content for weekly. For an inexpensive meal at a cheap restaurant, be prepared to pay around 120 CZK. A nicer meal at a mid-range restaurant will definitely cost nearer to 300 CZK. For junk food (think McDonald’s) you’ll actually pay greater than a cheap local meal, as junk food usually costs around 130 CZK. Adhere to the neighborhood fare for the most budget-friendly meals. If you’re searching for a quick bite, there are many kebab shops for under 120 CZK. Food shopping for the week will definitely cost around 1,000-1,200 CZK if you’re ready to navigate the language barrier and purchase Czech items in the supermarket. To keep things simple and cheap, sausages and cheese are no problem finding and make an excellent, quick meal.

Transportation — Most cities have a tram system dating back again to communist days. Prague also offers an underground that’s easy to use, with only three lines likely to major points anywhere. A one-way ticket is significantly less than 24 CZK for a 30-minute window useful or 32 CZK for 90 minutes. An unlimited 24-hour pass is 110 CZK. Transportation between towns via train is quite easy, just don’t expect modern train cars. Purchase your tickets at the station beforehand when possible to get the very best fare. A ticket from Prague to Brno, for instance, can be fond at under 300 CZK. Inter-city buses certainly are a cheap way to bypass, aswell. From Prague to Vienna is under 500 CZK, while a bus completely to Berlin is under 600 CZK. Have a look at Orange Ways because of their deals online prior to making plans.

Activities — Visits to many Czech towns will be less about the sights and more about consuming the neighborhood culture. Grabbing a beer at the neighborhood pub, walking the cobblestone streets and consuming the gothic, art nouveau and communist architecture. The united states continues to be on the Czech Koruna, so prices have become affordable. Additionally, there are a lot of free hiking trails all over the country for anyone seeking to spend time in nature. Most museums and excursions will be between 60-800 CZK, though more intensive pursuits like white-water rafting will be nearer to 2,000 CZK.

Suggested daily budget

1,025-1,285 CZK/39-50 USD ( Note: That is a suggested budget assuming you’re residing in a hostel, eating dinner out a little, cooking the majority of meals, and using local transportation. Using the budget tips below, you can always lower this number. However, in the event that you stay static in fancier accommodation or eat out more regularly, expect this to be higher!)

Money Saving Tips

  1. Buy beforehand — If traveling through the united states or the continent by train or bus, check online or check out the train station beforehand to make use of the student or discount prices. Buses and trains are popular, so they do sell out — another reason getting a ticket in advance is preferred.
  2. Eat local — Belly up to the neighborhood bar for a bowl of goulash and a pint and also have a great meal at under 245 CZK. You won’t regret using the local fare, and one plate could keep you full for your day.
  3. Bring your student ID — Many Czech cities, especially Prague, are student cities. For that reason, you’ll find a great deal of deals for those their studies at a university. Show yours at museums and shops, and you’ll economize.
  4. Walking tours — The Czech Republic is quickly learning to be a tourist spot, and free walking tour companies have create shop from coast to coast. They are actually great introductions to the town and its own history, so benefit from the stories and be sure to give your guide a little tip towards the end if you’re entertained!
  5. Explore the outside — There are numerous free hiking trails all over the country for anyone seeking to get outside. Czech Tourist’s Club produces maps for all your major routes, so pick one up in the event that you feel such as a stroll.

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Czech Republic Travel Guide: What things to See, Do, Costs, & Methods to Save