Americans Aren’t the Only Ones Who Get Travel Deals

As an American travel writer, a lot of what I reveal is U.S. focused. The travel bank cards, bank information, and several of the flight deals I post about are for all those of us who reside in the states.

At least twelve emails a day ask “I’m not American. Will this work for me personally? How do you travel cheap?”

Actually, Not long ago i had someone unsubscribe because there wasn’t enough information for Canadians.

The perceived notion that the united states gets the very best deals frustrates a whole lot of international travelers. Where are their mistake fares and credit card offers?

Nevertheless, you will get travel deals across the world — from cheap flights, to cheap buses, no-fee ATM cards, and point earning bank cards. Americans don’t have a monopoly on travel deals.

I write this website with a worldwide audience in mind. In the end, we face the same expenses whenever we reach a destination. Getting there is a very important factor, but after we are in Tokyo, most of us have to work out how to eat, sleep, and sightsee without spending lots of money.

It’s much less when there is an American price and an escape of the world price (or separate lines for backpackers and vacationers).*

All visitors face the same constraints irrespective of where they are from.

However, not all methods work for everyone equally.

Africa seldom sees flight deals, intra-South America airfare is often stupidly expensive, and beyond your US, Canada, the united kingdom, and Australia, travel hacking (getting large levels of points and miles free of charge travel) isn’t as generous, and non-fee charge cards, travel cover, visa rules, and backpack companies vary widely by country.

It’s a big world.

But it’s incorrect that because someone lives in a single place their information isn’t beneficial to you, especially today when most companies are global entities.

When you merely hear about US flight deals, it’s easy to get frustrated and think “those lucky bastards,” but you will find loads of flight deals out there:

  • Middle Eastern airlines are beginning to offer cheap airfare via their hubs to India and Africa.
  • AirAsia offers incredible deals throughout Asia and Australia for less than $100 per leg.
  • Norwegian Airlines will get you from Asia to Europe for $500 round-trip.
  • An expanding backpacker scene in SOUTH USA has seen the rise of safe and cheap hop-on-hop-off buses like Peru Hop.
  • LAN Airlines has many deals from SOUTH USA.

There are few regions of the world that truly lack any deals (sorry, Central Asia!) and, while it’s impossible to have every deal, tip, or little bit of advice work for everybody, there’s always something for someone.

What things to use as a non-American

If you’re a non-American, what in the event you do? Where in the event you look? Here are the very best places to find cheap flight and transportation options when you can’t find mistake fares:

  • Air Asia — Offers cheap fares around Southeast Asia, China, Japan, South Korea, and Australia
  • Tiger Airways — Offers cheap fares from Singapore and around Australia
  • Holiday Pirates — Incredible flight and vacation package website that finds mistake fares and deals for Europe-based travelers. They have a German website too.
  • Busbud — Finds cheap bus routes around the globe
  • Rome2rio — An incredible website that presents you all of your transportation options from A to B. This web site is great for finding cheap routes to obscure destinations.
  • Norwegian Air — Incredible flight deals to and from america and Europe with onward deals to Bangkok

Understand that you don’t will have to go from A right to B. You can hop around. From Australia, take AirAsia to Bangkok then hop an inexpensive flight on Norwegian Air to Europe. Going direct could be quicker, but it’s not necessarily the least expensive way.

I am aware the frustration. There are few ”mistake” fares originating beyond your US, but that doesn’t make it impossible to fly or get somewhere cheaply. There are options and, after we hit the ground, we all have been on equal footing. Flights only represent a part of the entire costs of your trip. Don’t get discouraged by too little deals, but instead do the very best you can to check out ways to constitute the costs on the floor.

In the event that you look at flights as an insurmountable obstacle that you can’t see through, you’ll never see that beyond them are a lot of ways to save, balance out your costs, and travel more — irrespective of where you are from on earth.

*Note: I understand a lot of countries have different local and foreigner pricing but I’m discussing just tourists here.

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Americans Aren’t the Only Ones Who Get Travel Deals