AND, I Moved to Stockholm…

I’ve been finding your way through it so long given that it doesn’t look like it’s really happening, but today may be the day I proceed to Sweden. As you read this (so long as you read this on Monday), I’m boarding a flight to Stockholm, where I’ll spend all of those other year.

Everyone keeps asking me if I’m nervous or excited or scared to be moving there, but in all honesty, today I don’t sense anything. It looks like a standard day — like I’m just off to some other destination. You’d think a big life change such as this would elicit bigger emotions from me, but I’ve been so busy during the last couple of months that I haven’t had time to essentially consider it. I was finishing my book, attending four conferences (speaking at two of these!), crossing the Pacific several times, and trying to exist. It had been why I was so burnt out. I overextended myself, and therefore Stockholm has been on the trunk burner of my mind.

But as I finally begin to take into account my move, all I could think about are the things I must do and how stressed I am about getting them done. On my immediate list:

  • Find a flat
  • Finish sorting out my visa
  • Join weekly Swedish classes
  • Look for a gym
  • Work out how to host my friends in August
  • Make plenty of friends
  • Find time to explore other areas of Sweden
  • Explore every inch of Stockholm

How am I likely to cram all that into five months but still find time to escape the country occasionally and travel?!


Well, at least in my own head.

I’ve hardly ever really planned a big move before. The majority of my moves have type of just happened naturally because I made a decision to stay somewhere longer. After all, is this how it normally goes when you move somewhere? Is your initial excitement masked by the weight of most of your plans and things you imagine you need to do?

I’ve no idea if I’m likely to like surviving in Stockholm. I really like Stockholm, it’s among my favorite cities on earth, but will I have the ability to cope with the actual fact that I’m in a single place for such a long time? Exactly what will this nomad do? It’s been years since I’ve stayed in one place for greater than a month, and even small trips is probably not enough to get me by. If travel is breaking out of your safe place and trying new things, not traveling is my traveling.

On the other hand, those things that are stressing me out will be the same explanations why I’m excited to reside in Stockholm. It’s type of ironic. I can’t wait to understand Swedish, get right up into Sweden’s arctic north, have a base of operations, take weekend trips around Europe, have a gym, and relax.

I’m really excited to go to Sweden, but at this time, my excitement is a bit tempered by everything on my to-do list, even if those will be the very things drawing me there to begin with. In a couple weeks, when I’m all settled down, I’ll probably feel just like shouting, “Holy crap, I’m surviving in Sweden!!!” and begin jumping along, but at this time, I’m looking towards landing, hitting the bottom running, and settling into my new…home.

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AND, I Moved to Stockholm…