Announcing TravelCon 2020: Keynotes, Speakers, & More!

By the end of June, we announced our next TravelCon and, today, I’d prefer to share some more information regarding our next special day.

First, it’ll be May 8-10, 2020, in New Orleans so mark your calendars!

We’ve a whole lot of big changes and improvements coming this season. The four big ones I wish to announce at this time are:

1. We’ve a destination partner! New Orleans & Company, the city’s official tourism board, is our official destination partner, and we’ll be spending so much time with them to arrange a whole lot of activities throughout TravelCon that may get you out from the hotel and around the town.

In an initial, this season we’ll be doing FAM trips and tours of the town before and following the conference. We’ll also be conducting a scavenger hunt around New Orleans (we’re super stoked about this!).

We’ll have specifics on both in the brand new year. We realize this is something you all really wanted and we’re excited to finally have the ability to offer them!

Have a look at our TravelCon page on New Orlean’s website for exciting information on the town!

2. We’ll be ditching our second-night party in order to have longer niche meet-ups. Everybody loves our niche meet-ups! They are among the highlights of TravelCon, so instead of make sure they are rushed, we’re not likely to have whatever gets within their way so people can spend additional time getting together with their new friends.

3. We’re adding back another included lunch. Everyone wanted more organized lunches, so we’ll be doing two this season.

4. Finally (which is a big, big change), we’re moving workshops from the primary schedule and making them add-ons prior to the conference. We’ve discovered that managing the workshops has proven harder than we thought. People join multiple workshops, don’t arrive, want to transfer to different workshops, or. skip the sign-up time. This leads to lots of people not engaging in the classes they need when, ultimately, there is space. It requires up a whole lot of admin time and is confusing for attendees.

Plus, the teachers believe that they must compress information right into a really short time of time plus they don’t enjoy it.

So, to resolve those problems (and release room for more talks), we’re moving the workshops to your day prior to the conference (May 7th) and making each four hours long. Each workshop will definitely cost $99 and have a 30-day refund policy. Join as much as you want. All of them are first-come, first-serve.

We realize this a noticable change and several of you won’t like spending for the workshops, but this allows us to raised handle the sign-ups so everyone gets the workshop they need, pay the workshop leaders more, and create more room inside our schedule for other talks through the conference.

Those sign-ups will be accessible in January too.

During the period of the next couple of months, we’ll be announcing more of our plans for the upcoming event, but also for now, those will be the big schedule changes you should know about!

This Year’s Speakers

Over another couple of months, we’ll be announcing our speakers, but here’s our first round of speakers and workshop leaders:


Pico Iyer


Pauline Frommer


Jeff Goins

Author, Real Artists Don’t Starve

Nicole Walters

Business Coach

Breakout Speakers

Faith Adiele

Author, Meeting Faith

Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Writer + Photographer

Leyla Giray Alyanak

Women on the highway

Alexandra Baackes

Alex in Wanderland

Dev Basu

Powered by Search

Marc and Julie Bennett

RV Love

Julia Cosgrove


Don George

Author, JUST HOW of Wanderlust

Brice Gump

Major Impact Media

Monet Hambrick

The Traveling Child

Alexandra Jimenez

Travel Fashion Girl

Ciara Johnson

Hey Ciara

Richard Kerr

The Points Guy

Seth Kugel

Author, Rediscovering Travel

Mickela Mallozzi

Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi

Chris Mercer

Laurence Norah

Locating the Universe

Erick Prince-Heaggans

Minority Nomad

Kristen Sarah

Hopscotch the world

Nadine Sykora

Hey Nadine

Mary Ann Thomas

Postcards From Mat

Amanda Williams

A Dangerous Business

A very important factor we are doing with the talks this season is reducing the amount of panels, so we are able to have significantly more actionable workshops instead of discussions. We’ve heard you about not wanting plenty of panels therefore we will minimize them whenever you can.

We’re likely to have sessions this season on Google Analytics, taxes, IP and legalities, customer support, networking, hosting video, writing, advanced SEO, and hiring employees. Moreover, we’re likely to be expanding the amount of talks on LGBTQ travel, Instagram, internet affiliate marketing, and creating products.

Here’s our tentative schedule, which shows you how every day will flow:

(You can observe a bigger version on the TravelCon website.)


Tickets to the year’s TravelCon are $349 until 12/31, when prices will rise to $399.

We’re capping our ticket sales at 800 again this season. We’ve currently sold 258 tickets to next year’s event and be prepared to sell out again!

So subscribe today before tickets have died.

And, remember, you can refund your ticket 3 months prior to the event and transfer them thirty days prior to the event. We realize how travel plans can transform and want you to learn that if something arises, you can get your cash back.

See you in New Orleans!


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Announcing TravelCon 2020: Keynotes, Speakers, & More!