Cheap Places to visit on the united states Dollar in 2020

It’s never been better to travel with minimal money. The spread of the sharing economy, plentiful cheap flights, and usage of budget accommodation have all made travel less expensive and accessible.

And, if you’re an American, the strong dollar has really made a whole lot of places really inexpensive to visit.

And, while you will find plenty and a lot of cheap places to go to on the dollar, I needed to list my favorites here. They are places I think will be the most interesting, fun, easy to get too, and provide the most bang for your buck!

1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the best Central American country. Although country is probably the priciest in Central America, your cash will still go far here. It strikes a balance between budget-friendly and safe, while still offering a lot of amazing sights and activities.

Within this magical place, you’ll find cloud forests, turtles, incredible surfing, volcanos, white water rafting, fantastic nature preserves, deep-sea diving, plus some of the happiest and nicest people in your community.

As an extra bonus, flights from the united states are also really cheap. I paid $400 USD to fly round-trip from NYC, and you could sometimes get flights only $300 USD. On the budget travel side, you’ll need about $40-45 USD each day, while for a mid-range trip will definitely cost about $50-100 USD based on how fancy you intend to get.

Find out more and plan your trip with my guide to traveling Costa Rica!

2. Vietnam

While I’m not really a huge fan of Vietnam, it’s among the cheapest countries within an already budget-friendly region. When I visited years back, I was spending $8 USD a day, including cheap guest houses, local food, transportation, and a little bit of drinking. Of course, prices have risen a whole lot since I was last there, however the country still remains incredibly affordable, particularly when in comparison to a lot of its neighbors.

Realistically, in the event that you budgeted $20 USD a day, you’ll want for little. Hostels remain a few bucks a day, and you will get delicious street food at under $1 USD. You can travel comfortably quite comfortably on $50-100 USD each day if you’re looking for more comfort and luxury.

Make sure you spend time in the hectic city of Hanoi and visit Ha Long Bay when you’re in the north. In the south, don’t skip the Chu Chi Tunnels near Ho Chi Minh City (these were tunnels utilized by the Viet Cong through the Vietnam War). For a few adventurous pursuits like canyoning and cliff jumping, check out Dalat. And if you’re looking for beaches, Nha Trang and Mui Ne ought to be near the top of your list!

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3. Ukraine

Ukraine is probably the cheapest countries in Europe. Years back, I visited Eastern Europe, and may not believe how affordable it had been. I was living such as a king for under $40 USD each day — in Europe! — and paying $8 USD a night for an area in Ukraine, $1.50 USD for a liter of beer, and some dollars for an area meal.

While prices have risen just a little since my last visit, it’s still the most affordable destinations in Europe. Hostels in Kyiv are available at under $10 USD and cheap meals are available for $5 USD. With the common monthly salary in Ukraine being under $400 USD, it’s no real surprise that the prices listed below are incredibly low.

Make sure to have a day tour from Kyiv to of Chernobyl to start to see the haunting remains from the 1986 nuclear disaster throughout your visit. Tours start around $100 USD per person but are really worth it.

Find out more and plan your trip with my guide to traveling Ukraine!

4. Romania

Not merely is Romania an underrated destination in Europe, but it’s also a budget-friendly one. Bucharest is today’s, up-and-coming capital and the complete Transylvania region is breathtaking. Transportation is cheap here, and both rideshares and hitchhiking are normal.

You can comfortably enjoy your time and effort here for less than $30-40 USD each day, that is a steal in Europe.

As increasingly more visitors come here to hold back out their Schengen Area visa restrictions, it’s likely likely to get increasingly more popular (and expensive) so make an effort to visit when you can!)

Find out more and plan your trip with my guide to Romania!

5. China

China is an enormous country filled with affordable travel opportunities. Beyond Bejing and Shanghai (which remain relatively affordable considering their size), you’ll manage to find stunning landscapes, delicious food, and cheap transportation.

You’ll find some incredible historical sites aswell, just like the Terracotta Army in Xi’an not to mention, the fantastic Wall itself. If you’re seeking to test your luck, check out glitzy Macau, often considered the ‘Las Vegas of Asia.’ For a quieter trip from the chaotic cities, head west to Tibet. While you’ll need a particular permit to go to, you’ll find without any tourists here between the stunning mountainous landscapes.

At under $40 USD each day, you can enjoy all that China provides without a care on earth. Hostels are available for $5 USD, street food is merely $1-2 USD, & most activities are significantly less than $10 USD!

6. India

While India is definitely an inexpensive country, but with the united states dollar successful it’s even cheaper! Within an already inexpensive country like India where one can get by on less than $20 USD each day — often less! Mouth-watering meals are available at under $2 USD and hostels range between $3-10 USD based on what your location is.

Even though you choose mid-range accommodation and food, you’ll be hard-pressed to invest a lot more than $50 USD each day unless you’re residing at five-star resorts — and even the resorts listed below are reasonable priced!!

As the flight to arrive here could be expensive, once you arrive everything is a bargain. Be certain not to skip the epic Taj Mahal, the laid-back beaches of Goa, the holy city of Varanasi, and sweeping metropolises like New Delhi and Mumbai.

7. Argentina

Argentina — filled up with history, beautiful people, culture, wine, football, and outdoor wonders like Patagonia — is among the best countries in SOUTH USA. Buenos Aires is known as among the liveliest cities on earth, & most people speak English. I’ve never drunk so much wine or eaten as much steak as I did so here (which blew my budget — nonetheless it was worthwhile!)

The only problem with this country is its rampant inflation, so prices are always in flux. But despite having that, you can still manage on around $40-50 USD each day. Hostels are simply $5-10 USD and a delicious meal (think steak and wine) will be well under $20 USD.

Patagonia may be the main draw here, offering stunning landscapes and world-class hiking. Nature lovers may also want to go to Iguazu Falls, the biggest waterfall system on the planet!

Find out more and plan your trip with my guide to Argentina!

8. Cambodia

Cambodia is among my favorite countries on the planet. I came across the people so incredibly welcoming there and even after an extended absence between visits I still found it to be among the best destinations in Southeast Asia.

Prices have increased just a little over the years, however, not by much (it’s still cheaper than Thailand). Cross-country buses still cost a lower amount than $20 USD, meals are $1-5 USD, private rooms remain $10 USD, and beer continues to be under a buck. Everything here works in dollars. ATMs provide them with out, goods are priced in dollars, you get change in dollars: it creates converting pretty easy.

I find the united states to be affordable, friendly, and safe. Plus, Angkor Wat is among the most amazing historical sites on the globe. Be sure to go to the Killing Fields and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh for a sobering consider the country’s violent past.

Find out more and plan your trip with my guide to Cambodia!

9. Greece

The Greece’s struggling economy has made tourism a lot more affordable recently. Now this once-cheap country is a lot more of a bargain than it had been before.

With $11 USD per night hostels, $30 USD hotels, and $3.50 USD gyros, this country is a steal. Sure, a number of the popular islands it’s still a bit pricier but even those are affordable. You’ll reach enjoy beautiful islands, beaches, and delicious food at a fraction of the price tag on other Europe.

Moreover, because the economic problems have caused an enormous drop in tourist numbers, there are fewer crowds on those wonderful beaches! Greece is a bargain destination, and my friends there tell me that the summertime season really was bad. Visiting can not only get you money saving deals, but you’ll also help put much-needed cash back in to the economy.

Find out more and plan your trip with my guide to Greece!

10. South Africa

Safaris, wineries, mountains, and an endless coastline that’s ideal for road trips — that’s South Africa. As a backpacker or budget traveler, this country is a good destination to visit as there are a great number of work opportunities along with a lot of adventurous activities (plus some great hiking) to keep you busy.

While it’s true that the united states struggles with corruption and petty crime, it includes a booming tourism industry and an evergrowing backpacker and digital nomad scene. With $35-50 USD each day, you’ll have the ability to benefit from the amazing beaches and laid-back lifestyle which makes South Africa so appealing.

Don’t miss hiking up Table Mountain or visiting the penguins when you’re in Cape Town. And if you’re searching for a world-class safari experience, check out Kruger National Park!

Find out more and plan your trip with my guide to South Africa!

11. South Korea

When I visited South Korea a couple of years ago and I was stunned by how cheap everything was. Sure, it’s much less cheap as Southeast Asia, but in comparison to Japan or Europe it’s reasonable priced. With the South Korean currency (the won) at 1,190 per USD & most everything costing just a few thousand won, I can’t imagine busting your budget here (unless you’re an enormous foodie as the food here’s delicious!).

My pal and I went for Korean BBQ filled with drinks, and we each spent $8 USD. You can grab bottles of beer in 7-11 for under several dollars. Hostels in Seoul start are simply $10 USD per night. I don’t know why a lot of people don’t discuss it, but if you need a cheap East Asian country with a sensational countryside, South Korea could it be.

Make sure to enjoy Seoul’s foodie scene while you’re here and go to the Gyeongbukgung Palace. For a far more luxurious getaway, check out Jeju Island for beaches plus some fun in sunlight.


Most of these countries can offer a different and cheap option to expensive Europe, Australia, or Japan. Western Europe’s churches will be there a decade from now, however the jungles of Central America? The rice fields of Asia? The old world of Eastern Europe? Most likely not.

When money is a problem, you must get creative. Think and travel differently — don’t just select the most obvious destination. Do this, and you’ll manage to stretch your cash and travel further and cheaper, better, and longer!

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Cheap Places to visit on the united states Dollar in 2020